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About Graham Inglis

I live on an island on the West Coast of Canada surrounded by giant trees, ocean, and the Coast Mountains. I love the quiet reflection being in nature affords but I also love bringing a lot of fun and laughter to anywhere I go because no where should be too serious. I love to ski, bike, hike, swim, paddle, climb, play the cello and eat maple syrup covered anything (I am Canadian after all).


Being from Canada, people often assume that I know all about the cold, the North and the snow. But the truth is, I live in a place that gets very little of all of those things and would give almost anything to experience what the Arctic has to offer. I would also be fascinated to speak with people who have spent a large portion of their lives in the Arctic to hear what changes have occurred there. Plus, being from Canada, I already have a lot of experience wearing woolly jumpers.

Grahams Favourite product: Pak Down Jacket

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