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About Lewis Coupland

My name is Lewis, I am 22, live right in the very centre of England, and I am a postman. My job means I get to be outdoors almost all the time, which is great as I love to be outside. I enjoy surfing, canoeing, climbing and offroading. I love to travel, and document where I have been with photographs and by collecting momentos.

If you want to see more photographs of my adventures, have a look on my instagram @buoyswillbebuoys (


I'm an explorer at heart. I love to be outdoors, come rain, hail or snow, I love to be out walking, canoeing or climbing. I would love to go on an expedition, like the explorers of yesteryear, living off the land, and sleeping under the stars. Up until recently I always went out with my dog Quinn on these adventures, but sadly we had to have her put down, since then I haven't been ventured out much. But if I get the chance to participate in Fjallraven Polar, I would do it in her memory.

Lewis Favourite product: Gulu Braces

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