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About Alex Kalita

I'm a 26-year-old interior designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I was born and raised in NYC. Although I love city life, I am fascinated by the outdoors. Spending time in nature has a tremendous positive impact on my work and on my happiness. I am lucky to live in a migratory path that is excellent for bird watching and only a short train ride away from beautiful hiking trails, but I dream of an adventure far from urban life in extreme conditions.


Dog sledding combines a test of man's endurance with our knack for design and engineering. Most importantly, it represents harmony with nature. Instead of viewing harsh terrain as an obstacle, we work in cooperation with our 4-legged companions to harness extreme conditions for power and speed. As a designer, Fjallraven Polar is a dream opportunity to experience for myself what can be achieved when we work with, not against, nature. My ambition is to share this perspective through my work.

Alexs Favourite product: Kyla Parka

Long women's down parka Fleece-lined hood with detachable artificial fur Many pockets Read more »